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About us

The Beginning

Coming from a trade background and with a passion for creating and wanting to learn a new skill Liam was able to channel that into starting Goat Works in 2020.     

This was the first design from which Goat Works was born. Starting from scratch in our garage with little to no experience in working with timber we decided to build a new dining table.  

This piece was the inspiration we used to create more unique timber designs. Soon after we ventured into working with epoxy resin, staring small with serving boards and coasters which we would take to local market stalls.

Once we started working with resin, we knew we had found our passion.

Built these.

After posting our creations on social media and showing our followers behind the scenes of how we make and design our pieces, custom orders started to flow in. 

Once river tables began to take over the Goat Works workshop, we were able to show off our passion for timber and resin. We pride ourselves on great craftsmanship, attention to detail and delivering the best piece for our clients. 

One major highlight of our journey so far is completing the largest single pour river table in Australia. Sitting at 4.5m long and containing 120L of resin this table (pictured at the top of our homepage) was challenging yet exciting. This allowed us to push the limits of what had already been achieved and what was said to be possible. 

Now we are here

We were lucky enough to have access to space in a family member’s industrial unit for the first twelve months of starting Goat Works. Eventually they had to move locations which meant so did we, however we were already quickly out growing our small mezzanine space.    

We took a risk and moved into our own industrial unit in Penrith NSW – Goat Works HQ. Since then we have been able to expand our services to not just river tables but offering parametric design and cnc cutting and building services.   

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